Always a good day to wed

I agree!, I think everyday is good enough to have a wedding and for the first time ever, I attended a wedding on Tuesday and went out shooting at a local park that basically was, FREE!

Not free to use it for a  photo shoot, local parks here still insist on having you pay to get your wedding pics at a park, which I think is ridiculous, where is the tax payer’s money going? So anyway, we headed out to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens in Harare and had a couple of shots with my old pal Valentine who tied the not early Tuesday morning with his lovely bride, Tina. They looked gorgeous and I tried to capture as much as possible for a a very short listed space of time.

The Couple
The Couple

There was an aura of uncooperativeness from officials at the court this Tuesday morning, they could simply stand my presence or was it my love to have the couple stand right in front of the court building and get a shot there. We played hide and seek until I got one or two, trying so much not to invite further security detail.


The bride
The bride

The bride wore a simple but yet elegant white wedding apparel that was befitting the occasion of these old friends of mine. It spoke volumes about the maturity of the couple and their love and above all willingness to have the world know that it was time for that special knot to be tied….


Here are a couple of shots of the bride and groom and congrats and welcome to the official team, Mr and Mrs Mabhugu..


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Portrait love

Malcom Chinyanga shoot
Malcom Chinyanga shoot

I love photography, but I love working with kids the most. Something about how the children have a fascination for the lens and the bright lights during the shoot. I used to feel the same way when I was young, gadgets always get a warm reception from children and hence their fascination of everything we photographers use.

Here are a couple of shots I had fun with my clients children recently, its amazing the power of persuasion which led the hunk of the moment, the young man in the picture, revert and have me take a few photos. It was off course, after the young lady went through her shoot, it was pretty easy inviting Malcom to take part as well.

The most important thing in having the children succumb to the joys of a photoshoot is being playful just as they are too. In a few moments you will have them relaxed and ready to participate….

Milestone reached!

So today I got to be one of the few photographers to be interviewed on radio talking largely about photography. I am humbled to say the least, a Harare boy being widely recognised and invited on national radio is like, POW! right in your face, it just hit me. I mean, its another thing doing work and getting recognised but its another to have an invitation, in simple layman terms, IT FEELS GREAT! They say, there is no such thing as bad publicity, all is good, thanks to the Almighty for opening this door and opportunity are walking right through ( Open door policy).

I remember a time where I used to search for existence and recognition, I am glad now that Photography offered me just that. Bare with me folks, I will send the audio recording to the programmes as soon as I get my hands on it. Stay hooked on the page.

As if things couldn’t get any better, last year was facing major career difficulties resulting in being laid off. But, with the same passion that I carry myself with from bed every morning I have managed to accomplish the stepping stones to a world of  creativity. To all my friends who listened in, you made it special and again your feedback is amazing and building me up.

The first radio interview
The first radio interview

The value of wedding photography and the misnomer

Vic and Jessina In Africa a lot of children are taught the value of getting married and having a beautiful wedding with a loving partner. We are taught on how to grow up saving ourselves till the day when we leave our parent’s house to that of our own choosing. This process is heavily considered important and it is believed that a white/pure wedding ceremony should accompany this exodus. The culture thereof, in Africa, has led to believe that there are certain important aspects during a wedding and the less important. Sadly, photography has been considered amongst the latter but I will make you think otherwise.

Wedding photography has been considered the smallest service to be ever paid for as a service at a wedding than the cake, tent, chairs, video film, gown, etc. The sad thing about you paying all these amounts for services that you will barely remember or hardly keep in your new home is just but sad! Thousands of dollars are being budgeted for all other services whilst many couple tend to want to negotiate when it comes to photo/videography, choosing less and less package material and opting to add more on what I would like to term “the perishables”, i.e, flowers, cake, dress, suit, food and drink, etc. DONT GET ME WRONG! All these other services are very much important but Photography need not be taken for granted.

The Zimbabwean photography landscape, has been characterised with many “shoot and burners”. These are the guys who are happy to shoot your wedding with the least amount of money you can give them. All they want is a quick buck and their work lacks the professional touch modern wedding photography has come to be. They will shoot with no character and capture your moments as they unfold lacking the artistic eye to grasp and interpret the lustre, glamour and effort you would have worked hard for on this special day. Sadly, many will live to regret ever hiring shoot and burners but will never be able to get their day back and all your good memories are gone!

A good event needs good coverage in all aspects, get the best and the standard in your life improves greatly. Hire the best and see how you will be able to continue smiling even after it has passed. In choosing a great and professional photographer, there are many things to look at and I will try to give you some tips here. Today, everyone is a photographer and can point and shoot. Small cameras are easily attainable in many stores worldwide but it does not make anyone a photographer. While one might have a camera, very few can articulate the needs of the day and package your wedding for future consumption. In today’s world, its so easy to see whether or not you are going to get good coverage at your event or not and here are a few tips on how you can really tell from a professional photographer to a “shoot and burner”




1. Ask for a PORTFOLIO.

Many shoot and burners will struggle to have one  and if they do, the quality of their work will determine the quality of your event.

2. Ask for REFERRALS.

There is an old saying, “If in doubt, duck” and there is no problem in asking for two or three recent referrals to check authenticity of your service provider. It can make a difference.

3. Ask for a CONTRACT.

A photography contract will highlight what the photographer must do and what you expect him to. By carefully understanding what it holds, a contract can guide you on the correct working procedures and if all is not in order, move on to the other, the list is endless of the many photographers willing to handle your event.

4. Visit the STUDIO.

To really find out whether you are dealing with a reputable photographer or not, ask to visit their studios and see more of their work. Many shoot and burners will try to imitate professional photographers but will most often not have a studio to meet clients with and to showcase their work.

The many misconceptions and the lack of value given to photography has stemmed from the unwillingness of clients to verify work being provided by photographers. If you can taste the baker’s cakes and styles, you should be able to do the same with a photographer. Doing all this will make sure your day is smooth flowing. The advent of social networks and online presentations also makes it easy. By following up on a photographer’s work through his blogging and recent works will give you confidence over work being done and even suggestions on how you would want your day captured. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!



At the end of your day, you want a true representation of the happiness you had when you walked down the isle, cut the cake and had your first dance. All this you would want in style and captured artistically. We here thrive on giving the best there is for your money, call us for a quote and lets capture your life, beautifully!




A renewed sense of hope and purpose

The past year was a difficult one for me. For a very long time I was made to remember how it feels to be unemployed, deserted and dejected. Not all at once but throughout the whole year, I slowly lost the will to be involved in corporate Zimbabwe politics. There was no way I was going to fall into the deep and dark pit of begging for recognition and appraisals, no way I was going to forget the reason why I love my job and the passion deep inside. To be honest there are character in this world who thrive on selfish tendencies and employed by the devil himself to make and ruin other people’s lives. there are those that believe stepping on someone else is much more fun than appreciating and believe being difficult is their  being easy.

Not to sound bitter over my past season, I am intact overjoyed and with a renewed sense of hope and passion. Attacking the dog eat dog mentality in the Harare streets with all guns blazing. Nothing will stop me in my way! I have learnt that the true way to success is buy assuming a new set of balls and removing the old and wrinkled used up set. There has to be a deciding factor that will make you move from one level to the other.

I had never felt stifled and suppressed than in the last corporate I was under, it seemed that there were against everything that was what I am. But because they allowed me to grow within them and realise myself, I have found myself through everything and expressed even more, my love for photography.

In the four months that have passed, I have realised much more profit and personal excitement than I have felt in my entire life. While taking particular care in the industry that I have taken a keen interest in, the sky can only be the limit. Zimbabwe has since become the epicentre of self run businesses and small organisations. The big and political organisations, need not to be admired and sought after for they prove too hard to infiltrate and climb up the ladder. With many opportunities for small businesses run professionally within Harare, guts is all you need.

The Harare Photography Landscape is awash with many “chancers” and good photographers too. I guess in the end and when the dust settles, you can always tell whether you are a fashion, landscape, wildlife or wedding photographer. To determine this is to know where exactly you go and it is sad that not experimenting on all of these is to not know exactly where you could have made your mark and consequently huge amounts of cash.


So I approach this year with a renewed sense of hope and carry myself high than IO have never done before. Because I know that if I don’t work, I don’t eat. Its as simple. Disregard everything in your past, find your passion and love, stick to it like white on rice and find yourself a legacy that you can pass on to your kids.

Destination Photography, is who we are!

Itai and Sohpia-38


I will try to answer the question that I have had from many people about my work concerning Harare Weddings.

“Do you guys do shoots weddings outside Harare?”

In a simple answer, YES! we do!

Destination photography is amongst many of our jobs and no matter where the job takes us, we are glad to get on a car, bus, plane, etc, just to cover your all important event. There is nothing tying us down and limits us from getting to where your wedding is. Of late our recent weddings outside Harare have taken us to Chiredzi, Bulawayo, Jichidza, Chegutu, just to mention but a few.

It seems that our clients will do anything to get us on their event and we feel honored to be sort after, even from people who have just heard about our work from their friends and clients we have served before in Harare.

This festive season, we have give-aways to any destination client that books us to the tune of 20% off any of our silver and gold packages.

To take advantage of our offer, simply get in touch with us on this platform or on our facebook page and if you secure a booking, we will scratch 25% off your cost.

In addition to our well sort after jobs, we now offer an engagement package for those who have engaged and working on that important date. We will throw in a photo shoot with location of our choice (or even yours) and create an album for that all important engagement moment.

For couples blessed with newly borns after the wedding, we will gladly do a new baby shoot for you as a complimentary for just choosing us on your all important day.

It is what we are here to do, capture your moments, beautifully!


Marrying music with photography

Occasionally, I get to watch and do two things I admire the most in my life, singing and photography, resepctively. If there was a way to merge the two I would do that but at the moment I am stuck between choosing one at a particular time.

2013 was a year for me that had a lot of challenges but needless to say, I prevailed. So as I was looking at some of my work in the year that just ended. Riddled with faults and mistakes that I was reminding myself never to repeat, I found myself loving some of the work that I did and in particular, Samuel Diz photo shoot.

Samuel Diz plays classical guitar and is from Spain. His love for music is deeply embedded in his strum and pluck while his Byronic curls speaks a lot of a man who has very little time on anything else other than his music sheets and capo.

It was the sort of job I got out of chance. The previous year I had attended his first show in Zimbabwe and after posting them on my Facebook page, I caught the eye of the muso and I was hired for his comeback show. Samuel is one of the reasons that I continue writing, singing and shooting photographs, because I know, if I could become his official photographer for the festival, then the sky is the limit for me or for anyone who believes. Besides having worked together for this event, we became great friends and occassionally skype, facebook and tweet to each other. So here are the best of the best of my memories from Samuel Diz performance at the NMB Recital Room 2013.

As if the night could get any better, I had the chance, after Samuel’s performance to be part of the Opera gala just nearby. The interesting facts about opera is that, it posses the world’s greatest tunes and melodies and yet it is the only thing that hasn’t caught the ears of my fellow Zimbabweans. I share a strong passion in classical music with a few of my friends of mine and its surprising not to have many of my kin men following the art. Its not a huge surprise really for I have met Europeans who too cannot understand classical music.

But on this blessed day, I took up a front row seat to experience closely the music and artistry involved in singing classical music. While I was happy to hear some of my favourite arias, with one of my all time favourite songs, Papageno-Papagena (Mozart’s Magic flute) and the Famous Toreador (Georges Bizet’s Carmen) all being sung here, it was my other passion that came to light, snapping away from lush green lawn in the main auditorium, wonderful photos that still capture my vivid imagination and take me back to that chilly first day of May.

Read more about the Cabs Opera Gala here:

Take a look at some of my work over the event and how you can almost feel the passion from the faces of these famous singers….